Too Much Tragedy

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel of a car they are unknowingly signing the terms of their life away as well as the life of any passenger they may carry. Sadly, our roads have become a cesspool of distraction with a dash of road rage and other odd behavioral occurrences. This domain where pure randomness rules is a result of the growing population in urban areas around the world. The Association for Safe International Road Travel, or ASIRT, has compiled data that gives direct insight into the epidemic of busy roads and busy drivers. Through simple analysis, it becomes evident that our busy road systems should be approached with full alertness and defensive driving knowledge in order to protect human life.

In a tragic incident near Chicago, an automobile accident claimed the life of a pregnant mother, her unborn child, and three of her sons. This wrongful death is a tragedy in full. Due to the actions of a speeding driver an entire family has been torn apart as only the husband and father of the three children survives alone. According to ASIRT, as of 2015, auto accidents claim the lives of 32,166 people nationwide each year. This growing epidemic must see adequate action in order to prevent the continuation of tragedies similar to this Chicago incident. There are multiple levels to the auto accident crisis plaguing the world. In the same list of statistics, ASIRT notes that without any new actions being taken to combat unsafe driving conditions road traffic injuries are set to rise to the fifth leading cause of death by the year 2030. It seems preposterous that the very machines we designed to travel long distances would be killing us off slowly. We can not stand by idly while the auto accident epidemic tears families apart entirely. It is the responsibility of the automobile industry to fund innovations in safety technology as well as more solid building materials for cars.

It is the growing responsibility of organizations such as ASIRT and the Department of Transportation to continue to innovate their systems and future planning that can accommodate for the large increases in population. Specifically the influx of drivers on roadways near major cities throughout the country. This seems to be a common place of occurrence for many of the severe auto accidents plaguing our population. Additionally, this could be the push the U.S. needs to implement light rail systems that have the capacity to move commuters to their destinations. Other developed countries around the world have made great use of these transportation systems, and I believe our country is capable of assembling groups of scientists, engineers, and geographers, in order to craft a transportation system that provides citizens with reliable, ecologically mindful, and most importantly safe options for commuting.

To conclude, in efforts to end the rampant vehicular slaughtering of fellow citizens government agencies should place transportation reinvention as a primary focus for moving our society into a safe future. We can no longer step aside while millions of people each year lose their life to an automobile catastrophe. It is the responsibility of every participating member of society to advocate for this innovation that could potentially save millions of lives.

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