People believe in happily ever after even in these cynical times, and this can be a good thing. It is entirely possible to be happy and stay married with one person, but what at least 50% of people who get married don’t realize is that happily ever after is not automatic, and eventually end in divorce.

Marriage happens after the wedding, when all the dresses have been packed away and all the champagne has been drunk. When real life steps in after the honeymoon is over, many find that they are not ready to work at a relationship so that together they can overcome the many difficulties they will face as a married couple.

Difficulties can surface even when a marriage is relatively ordinary. There can be problems with money, the children, relatives, living conditions, and so on. When extraordinary events happen, such as an accident which leads to serious injury and even disability, the resulting stress in the aftermath can be overwhelming. Couples who had no problems before may find that their dynamics have changed, and gradually drift apart as feelings of guilt, rage, depression, and resentment set in.

The most common causes of divorce have to do with communication. Couples who are not on the same wavelength and make no attempt to find one they can both be in are more likely to give up, fight, complain, and cheat. When one spouse feels that he or she bears the brunt of the responsibility in the relationship, it breeds resentment if it is not constructively aired. Most people are not sensitive to the needs of others, and need to be told when there is a problem.

Unfortunately, the main problem gets overshadowed by recriminations, insults, accusations, criticisms, and arguments.
It takes a very strong relationship to overcome the strain of a life-changing event such as serious accident, and many couples fail to bounce back. An article from Raleigh’s Marshall & Taylor, PC concludes that when the situation just becomes too difficult, repairing the damage may not be possible. Sometimes, the best thing can be to get a divorce and start all over again.

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